May 24 2011

Wiki feud

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I just had an online conversation with an editor at Wiki – and she really helped. Let me describe the confusion – sounds obtuse from the git, doesn’t it – ‘describe the confusion’?!
Here’s the prob: My identity has been contested, a few people who ‘contribute’ to the Wiki entry labeled Buddy Cage see it differently than I. Now, get this, some people out there on Wikipedia feel that I have missed the beat, have argued the facts about my history. For the past year, it starts like this, Buddy Cage – An American guitarist (generally how a professional musician from the US begins), and then goes on to list my musical associations, recording sessions, various appearances and so forth.
But the ‘others’ have intervened to straighten me out as regarding, my personal and professional life. Apparently, this is the way Wiki works, at least thus far, online. Anyone can manipulate the online perception providing they have established themselves as ‘credible’ sources with other ‘credible’ authorities. Weird? Yeah, a little. Particularly in light of the fact that I am who I am and hopefully still, in a modest way possess my faculties.
So, we’re going to try a suggested tack in the endeavor as was offered by our friend, editor at Wiki. I think they all sort-of become authorities after a fashion. Our editor implies that there is no effort to have any other agenda but to ‘scrupulously’ scrub my biography! Hmmm…’for me’…
Yes, I was born in Toronto, Canada Feb. 18, 1946 – if you’re into astrology as a relatively harmless, social, parlor game you would understand I, as an Aquarian have trouble putting up with tedious horseshit.
I began to take Hawaiian guitar lessons in the Summer of 1957 in Port Credit, Ontario – some really neat people at the Conservatory who cared to give me their best through lessons on how not to suck! My life as a professional player came in 1961, I left high school in 1963 to pursue music and landed a solid gig in ’65. I never looked back or was out of work ever again.
I took most dates living in Canada in the United States – back then, there wasn’t such a closed system to traveling musicians, INS was much, much looser. No one was out there to rob someone else from their livelihood – we had a union (A.F. of M.) but they were pretty much useless except for television, radio, recordings, etc. – they didn’t have a lot of strength in area regulations - with the notable exception of Local in Chicago. You get my drift? In fact, we as musicians were considered ‘special people’ (do you know how I identified with that?). We were, and are a fairly non-combatant group.
I worked the preponderance of dates in the US. As it should be – it was fair, these were the jobs. After all I had lost most, if not all contact with Canada as regards as nationality. I was technical a Canadian citizen but I belonged to the world of musicians. The US was, and is, is where I honed my craft, lived, exercised my freedom – had my families. There is a rather unfortunate term in the Immigration game – the term Resident-Immigrant but that’s the way it is – I don’t write the terms. I work within the system.
I maintained that status as a Green Card holder ‘till 1991 where I took the offer to become a full citizen of the United States, something I’m proud of it. I was graduated from New London HS in Connecticut through the G.E.D. opportunity on a recommendation from my old friend Waylon Jennings who recently had been through that process.
However, some Wiki’s choose to identify me otherwise. They have tried to refer to me as Canadian-American, Canadian lives in New York City, ‘once-born-always-will-be’ (lol, giggle, giggle…) – this is frankly garbage. For all their alleged scrupulousness, they continually skew my Wiki introduction to the version that pleases themselves – some choose, evidently a couple Canadians, to declare me to satisfy their own selves, of their own nationality. I have zero Canadian affiliation, no Canadian tithe or pride of any kind. In the service of your own, you do a disservice to me.
I am what I am – I’m an American guitarist. My residence? None of your business, actually. In the music business, I will reside where I benefit myself, my choice and irrelevant to historical accuracy.
I left Canada permanently in 1965 when the first gigs took me to the US returning only for certain tours and to visit my parents coordinating with my tour schedules. I worked for Ian & Sylvia/Great Speckled Bird, a Canadian band. I left somewhat of a musical footprint through gigs and shows, some sessions in Canada working as a freelancing musician most notably with Anne Murray, a 2 week job playing for I&S at the Canadian Pavilion of the World Expo ’70 culminating in the Festival Express train tour across Canada – dvd available online! I ended my relationship with Ian after the train job although I kept up doing a few tv shows on his Nashville North/Ian Tyson Show.
In the Spring of 1971, I lived and worked as a New Rider (still after 40 years!) and continue to do so with a multitude of independent music jobs.
I don’t mind the scrutiny but I resent the perception that I am other than an American guitarist! Please stop insisting on your Canadian references thru my Wiki profile – it causes me damage, personally and professionally.
Buddy Cage

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